Not Good Enough?

Yesterday was a bust. No green juice, no exercise, but I did a teeny bit of cleaning. I picked up all the toys on the first floor, emptied and filled the dishwasher, and got a delicious meal on the table for dinner. My hubby came home and of course only noticed everything that I hadn’t done. This is what I am talking about when I say for me staying at home has such a lack of success. It is extremely disheartening to run around after little ones picking up crap all day with no end in sight. Then when the house does look reasonable, it is always the same outcome; bitch, moan from the husband that it’s not good enough. It is very hard to be happy around someone that thinks everything you do is not good enough. I am so tired of being not good enough. Especially because in my mind I am totally and completely awesome! Oh well, we are all entitled to our opinion, even if he’s wrong. lol So far I am off to a good start today. Already started to organize the kitchen and wash the dishes. Hopefully I can be a bit healthier today and clean a bit more. If so I am going to treat myself by going to a book signing this evening. Until we meet again…


Good Morning

Ok so far so bad this morning with my diet.  I had several slices of coffee cake and cups of coffee.  Not good per my new 21 day cleanse guidelines.  I know it is bad for me, and even worse I have heart burn from consuming crap and now I feel like crap.  I guess maybe we really are what we eat! 

I am going to find the motivation to get some cleaning done today.  Right now would be a perfect time because my little guy is mesmerized by Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. and the baby that I watch is fast asleep.  I’d rather blog though 😉

Goals for the day:

  • Get some cleaning done
  • Exercise a little
  • Drink my green juice and at least 4 glasses of water (I hate water)

Wish me luck!

The Diet

So I am half heartedly trying to lose weight and diet.  I whole heartedly need to, but just can’t find my motivation.  I just started reading Crazy, Sexy, Diet, which is a fantastic book about health and diet.  I am trying to incorporate some of the ideas slowly (it is vegan and raw foods mostly).  So today I made myself some green juice made of kale, carrot, apple, celery, and cucumber. It is very healthy, however I am still getting used to the taste.  The other good stuff I ate today was some quinoa.  The bad list so far today:  coffee, cake, sprite and a bagel.  I am also trying to incorporae gluten and dairy free as well!  Well I guess some good is better than none!

Cleanliness is Godliness…

Well if this is true, I am way closer to the firey pit!  I don’t think that I am dirty, but definitely messy.  I used to have the drive to keep everything clean.  But 3 kids later and it is so far gone.  It seems like an uphill battle.  When I get one room clean, someone is always one step behind me making a new mess.  Cleaning seems to be one big set up for failure.  It is one big cycle that seems to always lead to the same place – a mess!  Maybe I will make some more chore charts and pretend that might get me somewhere.  Wish me luck.

My Crazy Way To Sanity!

Hello world, I am starting this blog for several reasons. I am trying to regain my sanity and hoping that writing will be a healthy and helpful outlet for me. I am a mother of 3; a 3, 7, & 9 year old and I currently am a stay at home mom. I love my children and husband, but am at my wits end with all of there laziness and lack of responsibility and respect. I am also battling what started as postpartum depression and trying to lose weight. My husband is in the trades and money can be very tight at times for my family of 5. I love to cook and I love to save money. I also love to try new things and to share my opinion, which I have many of! 🙂 So my main goal is to make myself accountable for my life by blogging. I hope that by blogging I can be more on top of my life and feel a bit more in control. I hope this will be an everloving journey in my game called Life. I would love for you to join me on my journey!